Dear 2020!
Presented by Valley Youth Theatre

Dear 2020! was supported in part by a grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts Valley Youth Theatre was among 10 nonprofits from throughout Arizona selected to be a part of the Arizona Creative Youth Development (CYD) Investment Cohort.

Under the direction of the Arizona Commission on the Arts, the Cohort is an initiative that invests in arts and culture organizations and programs that center youth voice across Arizona.

Piloted in 2020-21, the CYD Investment Cohort functions as a fusion of a cohort and granting program. The program aims to bring together a diverse cohort of young people and adult accomplices to share resources and struggles and engage with knowledge experts in the field to advance their skills as Creative Youth Development practitioners. A component of the program is a stipend of $5,000 to invest in the work of these organizations. Valley Youth Theatre has committed this stipend to compensate its student writer/performers in Dear 2020! Kylan Chait represented Valley Youth Theatre in this program with Education and and Outreach Director Madolyn
Whitmer as the adult accomplice.